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Who we are

DADCO Consulting – an economic development consulting firm with 30 years experience in reinforcing and advancing communities. Economic development isn’t a replicable template. We tailor our methods to each case – whether as concentrated as an individual business or as widespread as a disaster-affected region. We look at each situation holistically, not only informing the financial sector but management, processes, and planning for the future as well. Even as our people meet their goals and begin to see positive growth, we continue to support them as they evolve into a stronger, healthier part of the greater community. Through each success, we build a more resilient world.

Our Services

DADCO focuses on two main areas of economic development: Disaster Recovery and Reinvestment and Strategic Community Action Agendas.

Disaster Recovery and Reinvestment

Disaster recovery begins before catastrophe hits. We help build contingency plans for businesses and local governments, reinforce our defenses before the strike, and continue support throughout the immediate aftermath.
The recovery portion is an opportunity not just to rebuild, but rebuild with future disasters in mind – holistically – stronger and smarter.

Strategic Community Action Agendas

Stakeholders have the capacity to foster real growth in their communities, and DADCO can be a catalyst for that growth. We work with local leaders to achieve economic goals. We design custom action agendas for communities to foster real economic development locally, and in turn contribute to the strength of their regional economies. David has consulted communities, states and nations worldwide to foster recovery and growth.


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