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Disaster Recovery and Reinvestment

After disaster wreaks havoc in a community, attention is focused on the immediate mitigation of losses. But without proper direction, the reconstruction can lead to a destabilization in the community. A quick and dirty rebuild in the model of the first will invite the same destruction and hinder progress toward a more resilient community.

For DADCO, disaster recovery begins before catastrophe hits. We help build contingency plans for businesses and local governments, reinforce our defenses before the strike, and continue support throughout the immediate aftermath.

The recovery portion is our opportunity not just to rebuild, but rebuild with future disasters in mind – holistically stronger and smarter.

Facilitated Community Action Agendas

Stakeholders have the capacity to foster real growth in their communities, and DADCO can facilitate that. We work with local assets, resources and capacities to create an achievable economic goal. We design custom agendas for communities to foster real economic development locally, which contributes to the strength of their regional and national economies.


David Dodd, founder and president of DADCO, educates businesses and community leaders with presentations on different aspects of economic development. While he can custom design talks for specific groups, there are several applicable to any progressive organization. They call stakeholders to action and show them how to take real direction in the course of their own economies. Contact David to discuss which of these aligns with your community’s goals, or to craft a specific workshop for your stakeholders.

Economic Development in Turbulent Times: Navigating the Road Ahead

Summary: In our shrinking world, the old rules have been overthrown by rapidly developing communications technology. How do communities and regions make themselves viable in the global marketplace? The challenges are daunting; the opportunities are unprecedented. To survive, economies must embrace the tools of this new trade. This presentation outlines the new landscape and how to build a prosperous economy on its principles.

New Marketing for the New Economy

Summary: Relationships are the building blocks of economic development, and brands form the foundation for relationship marketing. Learn how smart branding results in new investment and higher quality jobs for your community, state and region.

Development Finance: The Engine of Economic Growth

Summary: This workshop helps participants build funding sources for their business through identifying their capital needs. David shows them innovative ways to finance development, particularly among the small to mid-size businesses that are now creating the most jobs in the country.

The Future Belongs to the Intelligent: Intelligent Transportation Systems

Summary: Developed nations must harness the new power of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) to compete in delivering the goods. Learn how the systems work and how to implement them to lower costs and meet growing customer demands.

Collaboration: The Key to Building More Competitive Regions

Summary: Create active partnerships with industry, economic development and support institutions to succeed as a region. This environment of collaboration marks the lead competitors in the global marketplace. David has facilitated these partnerships in growing regions and shares his knowledge and experience in this presentation.